Article: An Investor-Centered Approach. Design Thinking for Economic Development

Finding impactful solutions for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to improve their communications with foreign investors was the topic at our recent Design Thinking workshop at the Women in Economic Development Conference (WinED) in Savannah, GA. How might we improve the foreign investor’s experience on your website Together with an amazing group of women we explored the concept of Design Thinking in economic development. Design Thinking is a fairly novel approach in

Article: You cannot not communicate -or why communications is the foundation of economic development

I studied communications. I spent five years at the University of Zurich in my home country of Switzerland studying all aspects of communicating. Now after more than a decade into my working life and career, I sometimes wonder what was my number one take-away from my university time that I can apply in my daily work today.My daily work today is TSIMANN where we specialize in communications for economic development and foreign direct investment (FDI). We help countries, region